Kareen (18)

Although i don’t live in Bishan, my grandmother took care of me when i was younger (before primary school) so technically i grew up there…. there was a small dry market nearby and my grandmother used to bring me there all the time when she needed to buy ingredients to cook. i wouldn’t say it’s the most significant but it definitely contributed to a big part of my childhood. my grandmother would let me play those old-school machine games that was available at one of the shops and i always got waffles from a prima deli there
My most memorable memory is playing at the playground everyday and there was a childhood friend i used to always quarrel over little things (literally the i don’t want to play with you already) when we were a little older (primary 1), we would go to tuition together and every single time we come back i would trip over the little drain under HDB blocks (dumb and dumber behaviour)