Jolene (18)

I think the field near to where I live is the most significant part of my neighbourhood. It used to be a huge empty field with pathways around the field but now there are construction ongoing to build new HDB Flats. Many people including youths and even elderly who live in this neighborhood likes to have a stroll or run along the pathways. There used to be groups of people playing on the field as well. I used to spend some time looking out of the windows to see people playing there whenever I wanted to take a break from work. However, when COVID 19 came, I was no longer able to see people playing there. Personally for me, I like to run along the pathways whenever I feel stress or wanted to exercise. It always makes me feel better after a run there as the area is generally quite quiet and I like the greenery there. During the circuit breaker, there were more people who did their exercise here too and so I believe that there are many others who like this part of the neighborhood as much as I do too 🙂