ARTBYTES Bhangra and Silat – Verve Arts Festival 2020
"Contemporary in Traditional Arts"

Learn how traditional art forms are contemporised and some of

its moves by Shere Punjab Bhangra

Genre:Performing Arts 

About SherePunjab Bhangra
SherePunjab Bhangra (SPB) is a Bhangra Troupe that has been around for the past 18 years, delivering quality Bhangra to Singapore’s people. They are well-known for their high energy, vibrant colours and putting a smile on the faces of the audiences without disappointment. SPB is the only Bhangra group in Singapore that holds sessions for the public free-of-cost fortnightly on Sundays and focuses significantly on the folk and the fundamentals of this Bhangra dance expanding their team and bringing Bhangra to the next level. SPB also focuses on integrating with Singapore’s culture. They are the only team with dancers and members across all races and ethnicities, promoting the dance form with a touch of multi-racialism.
About NP Silat

 Family of pesilats rooted since birth

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